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Thanks for all your help and professional support, you have been great to work with

David Scott
MD - Howies Restaurants

The chairs do look good

Gilly Corkery
The Interior Design Partnership

The chairs are great - we didn't expect them so soon!

Helen Geldard
Practice manager - Stanhope Vets

...we are really happy with the tables and chairs

Mark Da Vanzo
Deputy Chief Executive - Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Many thanks again, the restaurant looks amazing - all agree the tables and chairs are fantastic!

Elaine Cowell
Office Manager, Howies

Thanks, fab service

Pauline Lusk
Scottish Office manager - United UK

My client is delighted with the way the tops look

Mike Dix
Dix Design

Business is good, I was really happy with the service and prices. Delivery was very fast and we've had no issues. Everyone loves the sofas, they look amazing.

Marc Perry
Attibassi Coffee Shop