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The chairs are great - we didn't expect them so soon!

Helen Geldard
Practice manager - Stanhope Vets

...we are really happy with the tables and chairs

Mark Da Vanzo
Deputy Chief Executive - Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Thanks, fab service

Pauline Lusk
Scottish Office manager - United UK

Business is good, I was really happy with the service and prices. Delivery was very fast and we've had no issues. Everyone loves the sofas, they look amazing.

Marc Perry
Attibassi Coffee Shop

Thanks for all your help and professional support, you have been great to work with

David Scott
MD - Howies Restaurants

The chairs do look good

Gilly Corkery
The Interior Design Partnership

My client is delighted with the way the tops look

Mike Dix
Dix Design

Many thanks again, the restaurant looks amazing - all agree the tables and chairs are fantastic!

Elaine Cowell
Office Manager, Howies